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What is MDX?

MDX stands for Multidimensional Expressions. It is a query language used to retrieve data from multidimensional dataset sometimes referred to as "cubes" and particularly OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) databases.

MDX allows users to extract specific data subsets and perform calculations on that data, such as aggregations, comparisons, and ranking. It is similar to SQL (Structured Query Language), but designed specifically for data stored in a multidimensional format rather than the two-dimensional format used by relational databases.

MDX uses a syntax that is similar to spreadsheet formulas, and it allows users to specify filters, sorting, and grouping for the retrieved data. MDX queries can be used to create reports, dashboards, and other data visualizations that help users analyze complex data sets.

In actigate, MDX is used to help users design aggregated dataset used in visualisations and pivoted tables. To aggregate data with MDX is much easier than with SQL since it requires much less "coding" experience and can be created in actigate's drag&drop pivot app.